Travelling on public transport in Japan

For those who intend to travel to Japan in the near future, it is very anxious to know about public transportation which they can use in moving between cities or convenient for the movement of them. Understand that the following article I would like to share with you about the public transportation on this beautiful Japanese country.


For visitors who arrive here the first time, if you want to travel by these transportation, you  must first have a route map that these routes run, preview whether the car is running through or run to the place that you want to arrive.


Japan is also favorable for subway trains that serve passengers on a daily basis. Visitors to Tokyo can book subway tickets at those stops and take the Tokyo Metro with prices from 160 JPY and Toei route at 170 JPY are the most convenient way to travel, without waiting too long.


Buses are also very popular public transportation in Japan

Buses are also very popular public transportation in Japan


In Japan, travelers can also pay for the public transport they travel by: cash, bus tickets. This is different from ours that you should buy a bus ticket. Road to the destination before you board the car, you can buy ID card at the ticket station, the price to go these public transport is quite cheap,


Japanese travelers also do not be afraid to get lost. For example, if you use the bus when traveling, the point and destination are recorded at the beginning of the car like the bus in Vietnam, you have to pay attention to the car to the station to choose the next destination. If you do not know, ask for the help of those who stand at the bus stop with you, or the ticket salesman, who sells the card at the bus stop.


Japanese people use trams to go to work and school

Japanese people use trams to go to work and school


I also read a lot of books that talk about the Japanese civilization here, they are kind and compliant with all rules, if you do not know the metro by road, ask the ticket salesman at the counter or passengers and take the map out for them, they will smile at you to take the map and mark the destination, and catch the train as carefully as possible. .


However, it should be noted that the Japanese are very personal freedom of their own, so when using public transport you should not cause noise, when getting off the the car, push the door bell and wait for the car to stop down, limit the screams when going down over.


With a nationwide rail network, you can travel anywhere by train

With a nationwide rail network, you can travel anywhere by train


Some public transport in Japan

- The rail network in Tokyo includes JR services, private services and metro lines. At each train station, electronic information boards let passengers know the arrival time and arrival of the next available train. Some information is also displayed in English.

- General bus network and sightseeing bus service, some buses are operating free.

- Limousines operate directly between Narita Airport - Haneda Airport and major Tokyo cities. Long-distance vehicles between Tokyo and other counties are also available.

- Water buses are also convenient to use for sightseeing in Tokyo from waterways. Between the mainland and the Izu archipelago and the Ogasawara archipelago, passengers are operating from the Takeshiba port.


So, with this article, you will have more experience for the process of transportation. Wish you have a fun trip.