How to eat Sushi when traveling to Japan

Japanese people are always considered to be rather strict in the way they value their etiquette, so they always ask for everything to be perfection. So visitors who are traveling to Japan are also worried about how to eat sushi in line with the Japanese ritual. And to help people remove the worry that the following article will share with you about how to eat sushi while traveling to Japan.


Traveling to Japan without having the chance to enjoy sushi dishes is really a waste of time, and that trip is no longer interesting. Therefore, the need to eat sushi on  the land of the rising Sun, by the gentle Japanese people do this is even better. But it would be great if you know how to eat this great Sushi.


As in Japan, there are two ways to eat sushi, the first one is using chopsticks to pick up sushi pieces and the second way is to use the hand. But for the Japanese, the second way is used more commonly, most people will use their hands to hold sushi instead of chopsticks, to feel directly.


Sushi is a traditional Japanese food

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food


It should be noted for visitors when eating sushi that is above the face decorated with fish and shrimp, visitors should use the thumb and middle to hold, index finger placed on the body of the piece of sushi carefully. Then tap Sushi on soy sauce, do not turn the rice dotted to avoid the dish when eaten salty.


Moreover, there is a note that is due to the characteristics of rice rolls, so if you put both pieces of sushi on soy sauce can make pieces of sushi are dropped and falling in rice bowls, so that the feeling of eating will be affected.


For people who eat sushi with chopsticks. Eatting  this way will help your hands are clean, hygienic but encountered obstacles when dipping and picking up dishes on his bowl. Because the sushi features are wrapped in plastic grains, it is often easy to get out of the way when the chopsticks are "clamped" on either side.


Sushi has really become a characteristic of Japanese culture.

Sushi has really become a characteristic of Japanese culture.


Therefore, for many people who use to eat Sushi by hands, switching to chopsticks will be quite awkward with this way of eating, even tossing pieces of sushi out while enjoying the dish.


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Another point to note to visitors is that when eating sushi pieces, you should not separate the ingredients of Sushi because it will make the cook will not feel valued and feel lost sympathy for you. So you should eat the whole piece to fully enjoy the taste of it and  show your polite attitude.



Sushi is becoming increasingly popular with diners

Sushi is becoming increasingly popular with diners



Also, you should eat sushi with fish in the color from light to dark to be able to enjoy all the flavors of the different types of fish accompanied by sushi. The fish color is darker and tastes stronger and visitors should eat the latter to avoid affecting the taste of other dishes.


Some famous Sushi restaurants in Tokyo

- Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten

Address: B1F, Tsukamoto Sozan Bldg, 4-2-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

- Yoshitake

Address: 3F, Suzuryu Bldg, 8-7-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

- Sawada

Address: 3F, MC Bldg, 5-9-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

- Mizutani

Address: 9F, Juno Ginza Seiwa Bldg, 8-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

- Kanesaka

Address: B1F, Ginza Misuzu Bldg, 8-10-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo