Things to do in Japan


Visit Hokkaido - Natural Beauty of Japan

Every year, around the beginning of February, visitors and teams from all over the world come to Odori Park in Sapporo, Japan, to enjoy the beauty of Japan and join the snow festival together.

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Top 5 popular tourist destinations in Japan

Many say you will never regret having a holiday to Japan. The special culture as well as the landscapes and historical relics of Japan attract many visitors from all over the world. Perhaps the exploration of popular tourist destinations in Japan is always a hot topic. Japan - where ancient technology and beauty are blended beautifully, there are many interesting tourist attractions. The cherry blossom always has a hidden beauty, a fascinating charm and unparalleled charm

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Learn everything you need to know about the Japanese Culture

Japan has long become a popular tourist destination, a destination that attracts many visitors not only in the country but also internationally. For tourists who come to the country of cherry blossom tourism and know a bit about the culture here, it will certainly be extremely wonderful in the process of tourism in this land. Here are the notes in the Japanese culture you need to know.

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How to eat Sushi when traveling to Japan

Japanese people are always considered to be rather strict in the way they value their etiquette, so they always ask for everything to be perfection. So visitors who are traveling to Japan are also worried about how to eat sushi in line with the Japanese ritual. And to help people remove the worry that the following article will share with you about how to eat sushi while traveling to Japan.

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Delicious Japanese cuisine

Japan has long been a famous travel country, people travel to Japan not only because of the beautiful landscapes , but people also set foot in this country for love for its cuisine. So today, we will share with you about the topic of Japanese cuisine with delicious foods that every visitor who have the opportunity to be set foot in Japan can not ignore.

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A trip to a fantastical world full of Wisteria flowers

Speaking of Japan, many people will immediately remember the cherry blossom bunch of pink streets every spring. However, this country is extremely famous for the Wisteria flowers festival held in the spring each year. Try to put aside the chaos of daily life and release yourself to look at this flower in the rising sun. Maybe, this will be an interesting hint for many in the upcoming holiday season.

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3 popular foods you have to eat in Japan- Part 2

Follow the first part, we will introduce you Part 2: Famous dishes that should try when traveling to Japan. In this article, we will help you to discover famous dishes in the culinary treasure of Japanese.

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