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10 Biggest Cities In Japan

Japan has 47 provinces, each with dozens of towns and cities. Here we will go to 10 largest cities in Japan! These 10 cities are not only huge in size and also in the appeal of nature, people and culture. Prominence is 10 cities famous, special, attractive and worth going to Japan

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Wonderful Japan - Discover a beautiful country

I love Japan and you too? Beautiful Japan is one thing that no one can deny, but the country is placed with the beautiful name as it is "the country of sunrise" At the same time this is the land of cherry blossoms, the world that we know when we were young.

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Visit Hokkaido - Natural Beauty of Japan

Every year, around the beginning of February, visitors and teams from all over the world come to Odori Park in Sapporo, Japan, to enjoy the beauty of Japan and join the snow festival together.

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Travelling on public transport in Japan

For those who intend to travel to Japan in the near future, it is very anxious to know about public transportation which they can use in moving between cities or convenient for the movement of them. Understand that the following article I would like to share with you about the public transportation on this beautiful Japanese country.

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Things to know when booking hotels in Japan

If you are planning to travel to Japan in the next time, the following article “Things to know when booking hotels in Japan” will be extremely helpful to you. This article will provide you with the most useful tips that you need to know when traveling to this “Land of the Rising Sun”

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Learn everything you need to know about the Japanese Culture

Japan has long become a popular tourist destination, a destination that attracts many visitors not only in the country but also internationally. For tourists who come to the country of cherry blossom tourism and know a bit about the culture here, it will certainly be extremely wonderful in the process of tourism in this land. Here are the notes in the Japanese culture you need to know.

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Kadō is the Japanese art of flower arrangement

"Kadō" is a floral arrangement in Japan, combining a variety of materials in which the main element is four-season flowers. Just like other traditional arts such as tea ceremony, Kadō also attaches importance to the ritual style of flower arrangement.

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Guide to traditional festivals/events in Japan

Japan is considered one of the countries which have a long-standing culture that carries with it many of the unique and original features of oriental culture. The unique festivals in Japan are the traditional festivals of this country.

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Fireworks - Traditional Japanese Festival

The fireworks festival in Japan is held every year in late July and early August, taking place everywhere in the land of the rising sun. The impressive fireworks in the night sky attract a lot of attention from visitors.

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Explore-Tokyo- the-gateway-to-Japan

Explore Tokyo, the gateway to Japan

Everyone loves Japan because of its wonderful beauty that nature has given away, so this land attracts visitors from all over the world to visit. For visitors who come here, the first stop not to be missed when visiting Japan will be Tokyo - capital city of Japan

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Explore Japan through the unique architecture of the ancient castles

Each country has its own unique architecture, highlight the unique culture of their country. In an ancient Asian country like ours, it is not difficult to visit these unique cultural buildings , then exploring Japan to understand more about people as well as traditional culture of this country of cherry blossom.

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Delicious Japanese cuisine

Japan has long been a famous travel country, people travel to Japan not only because of the beautiful landscapes , but people also set foot in this country for love for its cuisine. So today, we will share with you about the topic of Japanese cuisine with delicious foods that every visitor who have the opportunity to be set foot in Japan can not ignore.

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A trip to a fantastical world full of Wisteria flowers

Speaking of Japan, many people will immediately remember the cherry blossom bunch of pink streets every spring. However, this country is extremely famous for the Wisteria flowers festival held in the spring each year. Try to put aside the chaos of daily life and release yourself to look at this flower in the rising sun. Maybe, this will be an interesting hint for many in the upcoming holiday season.

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3 popular foods you have to eat in Japan- Part 2

Follow the first part, we will introduce you Part 2: Famous dishes that should try when traveling to Japan. In this article, we will help you to discover famous dishes in the culinary treasure of Japanese.

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