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Japanese cuisine is cultural heritage

In the Japanese food culture, before eating the Japanese often say "itadakimasu", it is a polite saying in the meal, which means "please". It emphasizes the gratitude to the person who prepared the meal. When they finished eating, they thanked again "gochiso sama desh * ta" which means "thank you for the good meal".

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When is the best time to visit Japan?

Japan is a volcanic island nation, rich in variety of landscapes, so this land has long been attracted by visitors from all over the world to visit. The following article will share with you When is the best time to visit Japan?

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Tips to Save Money While Shopping in Japan

Japanese people are always considered to be a lot of principles, learn to practice the principles extremely strict without the rigors of the law. The following this articles, we will give you the most precious experience that you should memorize if you have the opportunity to come to Japan in the next time.

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Kadō is the Japanese art of flower arrangement

"Kadō" is a floral arrangement in Japan, combining a variety of materials in which the main element is four-season flowers. Just like other traditional arts such as tea ceremony, Kadō also attaches importance to the ritual style of flower arrangement.

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Japanese greetings culture - Part 1

Each country's culture differs in character from greetings and communication. Therefore, visitors who are planning to travel to Japan always wonder how often Japanese people greet each other. The article on the topic of “Culture greetings while traveling to Japan” below will help you to troubleshoot that anxiety.

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How To Use Duty Free Shops In Japan

Japanese tourism is in the prosperous period attracting many Vietnamese tourists in particular and international in general. One of the policies that promotes tourism is more openness in duty-free purchasing procedures. In this article we will specify the rules and experience of duty-free purchases in Japan so that you can refer to when visiting Japan.

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Guide to traditional festivals/events in Japan

Japan is considered one of the countries which have a long-standing culture that carries with it many of the unique and original features of oriental culture. The unique festivals in Japan are the traditional festivals of this country.

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Features of Kabuki in Japan

Kabuki was formed in 1603 when Okuni, a maiden virgin in Izumo Taisha Temple, began performing a new style of dance in Kyoto. Actresses play both male and female roles in comedies about the daily life. This type of art was soon popular. The Kabuki dance was initiated by women, but now Kabuki actors are forced to be male.

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Explore-Tokyo- the-gateway-to-Japan

Explore Tokyo, the gateway to Japan

Everyone loves Japan because of its wonderful beauty that nature has given away, so this land attracts visitors from all over the world to visit. For visitors who come here, the first stop not to be missed when visiting Japan will be Tokyo - capital city of Japan

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Explore Japan through the unique architecture of the ancient castles

Each country has its own unique architecture, highlight the unique culture of their country. In an ancient Asian country like ours, it is not difficult to visit these unique cultural buildings , then exploring Japan to understand more about people as well as traditional culture of this country of cherry blossom.

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3 popular foods you have to eat in Japan- Part 2

Follow the first part, we will introduce you Part 2: Famous dishes that should try when traveling to Japan. In this article, we will help you to discover famous dishes in the culinary treasure of Japanese.

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